24/7 Kia Key Replacement and Lockout services

Looking for quick Kia car key replacement services for a missing or broken key? Locked out of your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, late at night? Call 877-738-8308 now and let us immediately send over the nearest mobile car locksmith in your area! We handle the entire array of Kia lock, key and ignition services, including instant repair, broken part replacement, and emergency lockouts on a 24-hour basis.

Popular Kia Locksmith Services

Kia Locksmith Services - Find LocksmithFind Locksmith only hires fully authorized, insured and/or bonded, skilled and innovative locksmiths who can find viable solutions to any simple or complex auto lock or key matter on the spot. Missing VIN number for a quick key replacement job? No problem! We can rely on advanced wafer-tumbler lock readers, tryout keys or lock disassembling and manual key cutting gear that will help us answer every urgent, simple or complex request on the spot. We are your go-to experts when it comes to push-to-start, transponder remote or FOB keys problems, including re-programming, replacement, and duplication needs.

We only work with the latest diagnostic and reprogramming tools and software in the industry and we are constantly making sure that all the software and tools we work with are fully updated and compliant with the highest industry standards. We offer unrestricted access to the official Kia database of transponder keys and this means we can complete any transponder key duplication, programming, and replacement tasks on the spot, with zero delays. We can immediately replace missing or broken keys, actuators, and wafers, remove cylinders, replace faulty parts in them or assist you with 24/7 Kia lockout services at the most competitive prices in town.

Popular Kia car locksmith services we offer:

We take great pride in our highly-responsive mobile teams that can reach almost any address and GPS location in less than half an hour. Give our friendly customer support team a call now and let us give you a free estimate. We charge the most affordable prices in the industry and all our quotes are transparent, comprehensive and honest.  Top-quality and cheap prices, a winning combination! Once you will agree upon our price quote, we will either schedule a repair job for you or have a nearby locksmith immediately reach you in case of an emergency.

Mobile Kia Key Fob Reprogramming Solutions

We can provide you with any expert OEM transponder keys no matter what model you might be driving, old or new, with either simple or high-security door locks and keys. We have the know-how and tools needed to rapidly cut any key for your official locksmith minivans, including Kia Kadenza, Stinger, Optima, Niro, Sorento, K9000, Sedona, Soul, Optima Plug-in Hybrid and other models.

We are also your go-to team when looking for complete Kia car key programming services, provided you still have one functional key you can use. Our technicians also have lots of long years of experience under their belt when it comes to cutting blank keys and programming them on the spot, while using Kia dedicated programming software that is fully compatible with all Kia models. Expect high-precision, flawless replica keys that can be used together with your current keys at your location, no delays.

The majority of Kia cars that have been manufactured after 1990 rely on a form of programming in order to get the engine to start. We are mainly talking about solution car remotes and transponder keys. If you need a new key cut, it means that we will need to cut a blank key that is compatible with the ignition and that will be used to turn the ignition on and off. Having the VIN number of your Kia car at hand will make our job quicker and smoother. You should also have proof of car ownership close-by. If you own a Kia build in the last two decades, you are looking at some form of a transponder security solution. In other words, we will need to program the respective remote or key so you can start the vehicle. Programming a key means having the car's computer recognize the authorized key. You can only have you Kia key or remote programmed with the help of expert programming equipment owned by an authorized locksmith or car dealer. This is because auto-programming is not made available on Kia cars. If you already have a blank key that we can use, we will start the programming by first cutting this key so it can be compatible with the vehicle's computer. To do this, we will determine the programming code using the VIN number. If you already have a cut key and you are solely looking for a quick duplicate, this step will not be necessary and you will get to save some money.

Programming the key is done to help the car recognize when the right key is in the ignition. It is done by RFID and special programming and wiring to the vehicle's computer. The difference between having an authorized locksmith handle the programming for you compared to a car dealer is of around $50, with the locksmith being the more affordable options here.

Kia Car Key Duplicate Service Near Me

Kia Fab Key by Find LocksmithIf you already have a programmed key and you need one or two copies, aka car key duplicates or clones, you can expect to pay less, no matter what kind of model you might be driving. This occurs since there is no need for the locksmith to get the programming code from Kia's database, which costs money. Plus, the computer on your car can already successfully recognize your authorized key. Our technicians can, therefore, rely on that key alone to make duplicates. There are some exceptions from this rule on some models, so make sure you give us a call first and let us know the exact make, model and year you need help with.

Kia models we service most often:

  • Soul

  • Sertos

  • Sportage

  • Niro

  • Solento

  • Telluride

  • Rio

  • Forte

  • Optima

  • Stinger

  • Cadenza

  • Rio 5-door

  • Rio-EV

    24-Hour Kia Emergency Services

    We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, weekends included. We can reach almost any address in less than 30 minutes and provide instant assistance with Kia lockouts, emergency key replacement or remote programming. We also cover trunk lockouts, faulty cylinders and actuator problems, damaged wafers and more.

    Competitive Kia Car Locksmith Prices

    With free and fully comprehensive price estimates on all of our services and competitive and highly affordable prices, we guarantee your full satisfaction no matter what service you might hire us to perform.

    Call now and let us send over the nearest Kia emergency locksmith to you! We can be there in less than half an hour!

    About Kia

    Kia Motors Corporation or Kia Motors, in short, is one of the most popular car manufacturers in South Korea with headquarters in Seoul. The company is also the second-largest car manufacturer in the country, with sales that periodically reach $3.3 billion. At the end of December 2015, Kia Motors was purchased by Hyundai, which now owns over 33% stakes worth more than $6 billion.

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