24/7 Expert Trunk Lockout Services

Do you have a jammed key inside the trunk lock? Car key locked in the trunk? The Find Locksmith team is here to assist you! We handle the entire array of trunk lock and key services for all makes and models of vehicles, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no interruptions and delays.

We can reach any address within 20 to 30 minutes from the time of your call for emergencies and restore your peace of mind on the spot. Call today and schedule an appointment or ask us to send over the nearest mobile trunk locksmith near you in case of an emergency.

Our professional 24-hour trunk lockout services:

  • Key extraction from a jammed trunk
  • Key in trunk emergency
  • Trunk deadlock solutions
  • Trunk remote control repairs
  • Broken trunk lock repair
  • Trunk lock installation

No matter which of these issues you might be dealing with or if you need help with something else, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us. We are your go-to emergency team for all trunk problems no matter what vehicle you might be driving.

Cars Trunk Lock Picking Services

We provide a wide variety of trunk lockout assistance services to help you access your trunk and go on with your day.

Car Trunk Lockout For Older Vehicles

trunk unlock servicesIf you are driving an older model of a car and you are having problems unlocking the trunk, your car is most likely also locked and you cannot reach its inside because of a missing key or faulty door lock. If this is the case, we will first proceed to unlock the vehicle. Next, we will release the car trunk latch and restore your access to it.

Our experienced locksmiths will first initiate a quick search for an open loop, usually found on the interior handles of your doors. A beginner locksmith with little experience in the field might have to spend more time finding this loop and knowing how to use it to unlock the car. This is an easy job for us that we are called to do on a daily basis.

Once we will successfully locate the loop, we will take a special tool and insert it between the side of the window and its rubber. Next, we will try to hook the lock and attempt to pull it up. Once the operation will be successfully completed in less than a few minutes, the door will automatically unlock. We will then be able to access the inside of the car and release the latch that controls the car trunk. Older vehicles use a control button or a simple latch to lock and unlock the trunk.

Car Trunk Lockout For Newer Vehicles

Driving a modern-day car or a newer model most likely means that you are also making use of a top security system you can control with an electronic remote. Once our expert trunk lockout technicians will use their special, damage-free lock picking tools to unlock the car, they will look for the trunk lock panel. The panel features four different fuses and all of them need to be tested in order to determine which of them can unlock the trunk. If there are no favorable results with any of the individual fuse, our locksmiths may decide to pull all fuses at once and force the trunk to unlock. We are ready to handle the most complex types of car trunk lock mechanisms and panels and we guarantee we have a solution for everyone getting in touch with us.

Locked Keys In Trunk Emergencies

If you have accidentally locked the keys to your car inside the trunk, give us a call. We can rapidly assist you with your problem and help you get back to your errands without charging you an arm and a leg. Our local and mobile trunk lockout emergency service runs 24 hours a day, nonstop. We can reach any address or GPS location in less than 30 minutes from giving us a call. We can retrieve your locked keys from your trunk and get you back behind the wheel immediately.

Duplication Services For Spare Trunk Keys

Provided you do not have a spare set of car keys to rely on in case of an accidental lockout, we warmly advise you to get in touch with our friendly and reliable locksmiths and have one or several spare keys cut. It will save you the stress, embarrassment, and expense of having to call a locksmith next time you will end up locked out of your trunk or vehicle.

Car Trunk Lock Installation

If the lock on your trunk has been damaged beyond repair for one reason or another, we can fit a new lock with zero hassle and at affordable prices. We can recommend high-security trunk locks for you, install and test them while making sure to stay within your budget.

If you are currently dealing with an emergency lockout and you need fast open car trunk services, give us a call. We offer free price estimates and competitive rates on all our car trunk services. Call now!

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