Professional Lock Re-key Services

Looking for a fast and affordable lock rekey service in town? Don't want to spend a small fortune on it? Find Locksmith is here to help! We specialize in emergency re-keying jobs and scheduled rekey services at fast speeds and good rates. Call now!

Our team of expert locksmiths offers the entire range of lock and key services for residential, commercial and automotive customers. Lock rekey services are some of the most common types of jobs we are requested to do. No matter if disaster strikes and you need immediate assistance or you are simply looking to upgrade the security on your property, we are here for you.

Should You Hire Lock Rekey Or Lock Replacement Services?

Lock Re-keyLots of people are unaware that they can have a broken lock re-keyed instead of having it replaced with a new one. Lock re-key is a perfectly solid alternative that requires a trained locksmith to adjust the pins inside a lock cylinder. This is necessary in order for the old keys that may have been lost or stolen to be rendered useless. The lock rekeying alternative is a lot more convenient and it is particularly recommended in the following scenarios:

  • When the lock is still in good shape, but it has been slightly damaged because the wrong key was used
  • When the lock is still working fine, but you have lost or misplaced a key or you suspect your keys might have been stolen
  • When you have moved into a new home or office space and you do not want any of the old owners, contractors or realtor agents to still be able to get access using any spares they may still have

At times, a lock will be damaged beyond repair and fail to keep your home, office or car safe. If this is the case, we will recommend you to replace your locks with new ones, preferably branded locks that will ensure more protection.

Our expert locksmiths will always try to offer the most affordable, easy and efficient solution, whether it is re-keying or replacement of the locks. Some locksmiths will be quick to advise you to have your locks replaced without giving it a second thought. This is simply because they can charge you more money for the service. We are strongly against this policy and you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect you deserve.

How The Lock Rekey Process Works

We know rekeying locks can get pricey, especially when you live in the big household or office space with lots of doors that need to be secured. We have reassuring news for you: we don't intend to charge you an arm and a leg for the service. You can expect to be billed a price smaller than our competitors, which will also represent a fraction of the cost you would pay to have your locks replaced. Here is what to expect from us:

  • Once you will have agreed with our free estimate received over the phone, we will schedule an appointment with you at a time and date that is most convenient to you. On the day of the appointment, we will send over our mobile technicians in their equipped vans and service your locks.
  • Our locksmiths will take down all the doorknobs that require their attention with the help of special wire tools. These tools will help us remove the clips, which should, in turn, trigger the knobs to be easily pulled off the doors.
  • The next step of the rekey procedure is to have the retainer ring be pushed off in order to make the cylinder pop. The retainer ring will be kept for use later on.
  • In order to prevent the pins and springs from getting out of the cylinder, our technicians will firmly grasp the plug follower and move the plug from the cylinder.

Finally, all colored pins will be perfectly matched with their corresponding color codes and placed back into the lock. This will ensure the old lock will work properly with the new pins and the keys our locksmiths will provide you with on the spot.

Residential And Commercial Lock Re-Keying Services

Lock Re-keyIf you live in a household or an office space with lots of doors and you are always mixing up or misplacing your keys, you could have your locks re-keyed and only use a single master key for all doors. Imagine the convenience and simplicity of keeping your security under control with a single key. We can create copies for all family members and office employees who are authorized to use a key and help you keep lockout incidents to a low.

Emergency Lock Rekey Services 24/7

In case of a lost or missing key or a broken lock mechanism that prevents you from getting into your home, locking your office or warehouse entryway doors or accessing your vehicle, contact our lock rekey locks near me service. We can assist you with rekey residential locks, commercial rekeying and automotive lock rekeying services 24 hours a day, all year round.

Competitive Lock Rekey Service Prices

We charge the smallest service fees in the industry and we can assure you that you will not be able to find services more affordable than ours. We can offer you free price estimates over the phone that should help you understand exactly what to expect. Our friendly and experienced customer support team will answer your every question and concern and explain to you the exact process. If you will agree with our free, no-obligation quote, we will send over the nearest mobile locksmiths to your address and proceed to assess your lock and decide whether rekeying is the best solution or if a cheaper alternative is available.

Give us a call today and let us schedule an appointment for you and immediately send over a nearby lock technician to provide you with highly transparent and convenient price estimates in case of an emergency. Find Locksmith is your go-to locksmith service in town, available 24/7, holidays and weekends included.


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