Keypad Front Door Locks: Mechanical VS Digital

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Are you thinking about making the switch from your standard door locks to combination door locks at home? Did you know that you can choose between digital keypad locks and mechanical keypad locks, depending on your personal preference, safety needs, and budget size? Knowing the main differences between the two different types of keypad locks should simplify your final decision. The Find Locksmith residential services specialize in keypad lock installation for both types of locks, so feel free to get in touch with us and let us schedule an appointment with you today.

Keyless Entry Systems For Homes 

A keyless entry system comes with a great number of advantages, and the main one is, without a doubt, the fact that you can go keyless and stop worrying about locking yourself out or losing the keys. Keypad locks do not rely on the standard key-and-tumbler design you might be familiar with but, instead, they use some more advanced technologies in the form of a code that must be entered on a keypad in order to unlock the door, in the detriment of using a metal key.

Keypad locks rely on a small electrical current that is used to release the lock bolt, with the electrical current being generated once the right code is entered using the keypad. These locks are found in a number of variants, with different types of keypads that may feature a number of buttons labeled with letters and numbers or keypads consisting of twelve buttons. Keypad or combination locks normally require the use of codes made of four or six digits. The codes must be entered in the right order in order for the door to unlock. When this is done, you will hear a specific sound that will let you know that the lock has been successfully disengaged.

There are also certain keypad lock models that have a special security option that will prevent them from opening for a few minutes (usually 15) after a few failed attempts to enter the right code. Depending on the manufacturer of the combination lock you may opt for, you will be allowed to periodically change these codes for enhanced security.

Electronic Keypad Locks VS Mechanical Keypad Locks

In short, keypad or combination locks are sold in two forms, including electronic keypad locks, and mechanical keypad locks. Electronic keypad locks require batteries in order to function and you can recognize them with the help of the keypad that will usually light up. At the same time, mechanical keypad locks do not need any power or batteries to work. This means that the electronic lock will light up the keypad for you, which is extremely useful when coming home after dark and you need to punch in the access code to enter your home. On the other hand, a mechanical keypad lock will usually require you to use a flashlight or some other source of light so you can see the numbers and letters on the keypad.

Both keypad models will get you rid of the stress of having to use a key to enter and secure your home. Most keypad locks feature a designated button that will allow you to instantly lock the door behind you and never have to worry about accidentally, entering a home lockout situation like locking your keys in or forgetting to lock the door. There are also electronic locks that will automatically lock the door for you, no button push needed, for more convenience. Entering your home using an electronic or mechanical keypad lock will also be done a lot easier, by simply punching the right code.

Electronic keypad locks normally come with multiple door codes that can be customized and they are sold in a larger variety of designs and finishes. At the same time, these locks rely on batteries, which will continue to slowly drain in time and eventually die without your knowledge, when you would least expect it. Nonetheless, these locks also come with backup deadbolts and keys that will grant your access to your home without any extra hassle.

Mechanical keypad locks, on the other hand, work very smoothly and they are extremely easy to install and operate. You could opt for a digital mortice latch lock, a lock with a tubular latch or a mechanical push button lock, to name just a few of the most popular locks we work with. Their codes can also be quickly changed as often as you need to and they do not require the use of batteries, which means you will not have to worry about getting locked out because of a dying battery. Plus, you will get to rely on the enhanced reliability of the heavy-duty mechanism of these mechanical locks. One of the main cons of using mechanical keypad locks comes from the fact that they are not sold with backlit keypads.

Expert Keypad Lock Installation Services

mechanical keypad deadbolt lock satinDepending on your particular expectations and needs for extra convenience, Find Locksmith can assist you with expert keypad lock installation services at cheap rates. We can assist you with electronic keypad locks that will allow you to use a standard key in parallel, for more security and peace of mind. For example, our technicians enjoy working with the Kwikset Smartcode Keypad Deadbolt can be smoothly unlocked with the help of the unique code you will need to memorize, but it can also be manipulated by using a physical key. You can also unlock this keypad lock from the inside of the house using a thumb-turn. The majority of exterior doors on homes rely on a mix of a doorknob, a deadbolt and a lever handle that uses a key.

The Kwikset lock is fully customizable when it comes to setting up the best access codes for your codes for protection and it also features a back-lit keypad for more visibility in the dark. We can program the lock for you so it can automatically lock the door after 30 seconds. We can easily install this lock for you and have it re-keyed every time you will ask us to, for different reasons. The cylinders inside the lock come with sturdy side locking bars made of stainless steel, along with pins and racks that will add to the security. We particularly enjoy working with this lock due to its side lock bar technology that enables extra safety against lock bumping attempts.

We can also assist you with keypad lock installation for the Smith & Locke keypad model that is a mechanical push-button lock that comes with tubular latches, expanded knobs and an 8-millimeter follower. The length of the code on this lock can be anything between 4 to 6 digits and the lock is suitable for both exterior and interior doors.

Get in touch with us, let us assess your exact security needs and install a fully digital keypad lock or a mechanical keypad lock featuring a backup standard deadbolt for an added layer of convenience. Call and schedule an appointment today and let us assist you with your keypad lock installation!

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