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If you have recently lost one of your spare car keys and you would like to quickly have a new duplicate made to avoid car lockout problems, give the Find Locksmith team a call at 877-738-8308. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our mobile emergency teams operate locally throughout the country and can assist you with their advanced know-how and over ten years of experience. Let us save you precious time and money by coming to you wherever you are, at any hour of the day and night.

Expert Transponder Car Key Duplication Services

We can program a limited number of new transponder keys to any car. However, duplicate keys are clones of keys that have already been programmed, which means there are no limits on the number of duplicate keys that can be used in your car. Duplicating a key that can be cloned will not influence the rest of your programmed transponder keys. In fact, car key duplication can save you precious time, especially since there is no need to use car VIN codes, which cost extra, during the duplication process. In fact, most of today's vehicles do not even require going to the car to clone a transponder key for it. Some brands that rely on Philips Crypto transponder keys, for example, will also require our locksmiths to get access to the vehicle. 

We work with all of the large numbers of transponders available when completing key cloning jobs. For example, the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM transponder chips are made of glass or ceramic ampoules and they are normally inserted into the head of the blank key. OEM transponders are usually sold separately from the blanks. and they can solely be utilized in key blanks that can host these transponders.

Our expert locksmiths only work with the most advanced transponder key decoding and programming devices, tools, and software that allow us to not only save precious time on every job we are hired to do but also to save you money. We will proceed to decode your key using our advanced key cutting machines in order to cut your key, then use state-of-the-art key programming devices such as the Pro Pad to make a copy of your existing keys electronics, namely the transponder and remote functionality. While most of today's transponder programming machines can effectively identify and copy different types of keys, our technicians know which are the best choices for preparing blank keys for programming vehicles like Range Rover, BMW or Mercedes. Such a top-tier machine we constantly work with is the Genie device that is compatible with Philips RFID Tags and features advanced software that allows us to archive precious data, as well as program and change passwords on a number of unlocked RFID Tags.

The Genie can clone RFID Tags such as the Temic 1/32, T5 33, T 20 or the Texas Instrument 4C. With the help of the Read and Write buttons that allow us to choose the right cloning format, the escape key and enter key buttons, our technicians can thoroughly program your new duplicate keys and make them fully functional in just a few minutes. By carefully studying all types of RFID tags displayed by the device, we can quickly establish which keys can be cloned. At the same time, the red indicators will help us make an older transponder key functional and reusable again. For this, we will carefully remove the chip from the old key and place it into a keyless chip type of key, if you just want to replace an old key. This is one of the most popular methods of providing clients with new transponder keys at a minimum cost since there is no need to buy a transponder key blank.

We Work With Expert Duplication Car Keys Tools

auto pro pad transponder programmerKeep in mind that not all keyless chips are made available for all vehicle manufacturers. This means our skilled and experienced technicians will need to get creative and choose some other inventive solutions, including the use of rubber heads and cutting cavities inside the key's head, followed by the insertion on the chip in the rubber and having it sealed using black epoxy. These keys will definitely not look very appealing, but they will help you regain functionality in the keys and the car. Let us know what is your budget and expectations and we will adjust our services according to your exact needs.

With the help of the VAP Login Detector, we can accurately program transponder keys for Audi and VW vehicles on 9 out of 10 cars that reach us, as well as 2004 Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, and Beetles. Our technicians can also rely on the Slide-DeCoder to read the key cuts and key codes for advanced, high-security locks. The tool is also efficient for older lock models and it works by sliding it to reach the right spacing needed to do the reading, followed by the pressing down of the pivotal lever with a tab used to pull up the disc wafer. This is done until the disc wafer bottoms out. At the same time, our locksmiths will look at a pointer that will display the depth and spacing of the lock. The tools can only be used by professional car key programming locksmiths with rich experience in the field that can provide you with a flawless, fully functional extra car key set on the spot.

Affordable Duplicate Car Key Prices

We do not only work fast and have the logistics needed to reach almost any address across the country within 30 minutes or less, but we also charge some of the most affordable prices in town. Get a free quote today and let us show you why we are the number one 24/7 car key duplication and cloning service in town!

Call now and let us provide you with an extra set of perfectly functional cloned transponder keys no matter what car you might be driving.

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