The Best Lock Brands Recommended For Your Home

August Smart Lock

Every man's home is his castle and, like any castle, it must be kept safe from harm's way through any means possible. A home break-in will not only cause important financial losses, but it will also inflict serious trauma on you and your loved ones in the long term. Scary home burglary statistics speak about a projected number of three out of four homes in the United States prone to fall victim to a property thief over the next two decades. Close to 35 percent of burglars make their way into a home using the front door. This makes the type and brand of locks you decide to use to secure your front door more important than you might think.

Our long years of experience working in the home locksmithing field have allowed us to come across a large number of different home lock makes and brands, some more efficient, sturdy and reliable than others, some more difficult to install, maintain, fix or pick (by our technicians or burglars). To come to your help and assist you with new lock installation for your home, we have decided to introduce you to a few of our top home locks type and lock brand recommendations.

Deadbolt Locks For Enhanced Home Protection

Kwikset 980 ANSIWithout a doubt, deadbolt locks are some of the simplest and, at the same time, the most effective ways of keeping a home safe. When used together with a standard lock on the front door, the results are even more reassuring and powerful. Deadbolt locks require a key to be inserted inside the cylinder in order to function and they do not rely on any spring-loaded mechanism to work the bolt. Single and double cylinder deadbolt locks are the most popular types of locks found in most American homes. Single-cylinder deadbolts are keyed cylinders installed on one side of a door, while double-cylinder deadbolts are cylinders installed on both sides of a door. Double doors or apartment doors are also usually secured with the help of jimmy-proof deadbolts that will successfully stop any jimmying attempts of bypassing the lock.

Our recommendation: The Kwikset 980 is a heavy-duty ANSI grade 1 lock that features a special SmartKey technology that enables simple rekeying procedures. The lock is also fully adjustable and can accurately match all standard thicknesses of home doors.

Mortise Locks For More Stability

 Schlage L9040 While less common compared to deadbolts, mortise locks are set in the frame of a door and they are also recessed, which means they can offer higher levels of protection and stability. Kicking a mortise lock in an attempt to forcefully open a door will be more difficult. This will also reflect in the higher price at which these mortise locks are sold, which makes them more suitable for commercial spaces. Nonetheless, if you would like to enjoy the many benefits of a mortise lock on your front door at home, we are here to assist you with affordable installation services.

Our recommendation: The Schlage L9040 is a grade-1 strike plate reinforced lock that relies on the Vandlgard technology that prevents any hitting and kicking attempts to forcefully break into your home.

Step Into The Future With Touchscreen Door Locks

Touchscreen door locks are good options for homeowners looking for reliable keyless door lock solutions that will keep home lockouts and key and lock wear-out at bay. You could opt for a top lock that features a touchscreen with fingerprint-resistant properties and use it together with your favorite smart home system for enhanced convenience.

Our recommendation: The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Door Lock that is a Grade-1 lock that relies on the Z-Wave technology that enables the user to connect it to Wink, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, and other smart home systems. You will be able to easily manipulate the lock from a remote distance. The lock is particularly helpful for landlords who need to rent their properties to different tenants throughout the years, as it allows the set up of dozens of unique door access codes.

Smart Locks For Smart Homes And Extra Convenience 

A smart lock is different from a keyless entry lock since it is can be connected to a smartphone and set together with smart home automation systems and options. You could program such a smart lock to open the front or on your house as soon as your phone comes in the proximity of the door. It is also possible to use unique access codes for home guests. The passcodes will be used in a limited period of time, ranging from a few minutes and up to a few days. These locks are fully compatible with a great number of popular smart home systems and standard deadbolt locks, as well as geofencing options.

Our recommendation: The August Smart Lock relies on unique virtual keys and it uses a dedicated log displaying all the people going in and out of your home at any given moment in time. The log can be observed in real-time using a smartphone. The main point of attraction of this lock is the fact that you can easily unlock the front door on your home from any location using the smartphone in your pocket. You can use it to program a temporary access code to let the housekeeper or electrician in while you are not there with zero hassle. Another advantage of using this smart lock is the fact that you can say goodbye to the regular lockout risks. Provided you will forget to lock the door behind you, the August Smart lock will do it for you, automatically. 

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