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Do you need to find emergency laser car key cutting services near you? No VIN number to rely on? Do you need a professional, fully-functional car locksmith service near me that can handle all types of standard or high-security car key replacement solutions? The FindLocksmith team has the right expertise, manpower and know-how to handle all emergency key replacement jobs on the spot. Find us 24 hours a day, all year long. We offer the most competitive prices in the market and we cover all US states and remote neighborhoods. We can reach the scene of a lockout emergency in less than half an hour from calling our friendly customer support at 877-738-8308.

Expert 24/7 Laser Car Key Cutting and Replacement Services

Laser key cutting No matter if you already have the car's VIN number or not, whether you are driving an older model or a modern car with high-security locks, we can assist you with advanced laser key cutting methods or manual key generation procedures using a variety of specialized tools. At times, when we are called to the scene of a lockout caused by a missing or broken key, we reach a remote area with no wireless or mobile data access on our computers and phones. This means we are unable to look up the necessary Vehicle Identification Number information online. Luckily, we have the right expertise needed to handle any type of situation, no matter how complicated. We use top-notch laser cutting machines as well as manual key generator methods with the help of other tools that only a professional car locksmith near me knows how to use.

Here is what we can assist you with:

  • test car key making

  • nonstop emergency car key replacement using VIN

  • nonstop emergency car key making without using VIN

  • laser car key cutting

  • manual car key fitting

  • car key duplication services

  • reading of wafer-tumbler locks

Local Laser Cut Car Key Near Me

We only use the most advanced, accurate, high-precision laser car key cutting tools, as well as vertical double rods used together with computer or punching keys, belts, guide pins and light bulbs to deliver high-quality car replacement keys exactly when you need them, in times of emergency.

24-Hour Mobile Car Key Replacement Services

If for whatever reason, we are not able to access the car's VIN number by going online, we will proceed to look for the code in and on the car, including the glove compartment where the VIN number is oftentimes found along with original car purchase papers. It is important for a locksmith to first look in all possible places and handle all VATS interrogations accurately.

If, at the end of the extensive search, the technicians are unable to come across the VIN, they can either decide to disassemble the lock and fit a key by hand or use an advanced tumbler depth reading tool instead. These are just two of the most common solutions we normally use whenever we cannot directly access the VIN.

Emergency Key-Cutting When Lock Removal Is Necessary

Futura Pro key laser cutting machineLock removal requires the technician to first turn the lock, which means that, provided there isn't another key at hand, they will need to first pick the lock. If your vehicle uses a high-security automatic lock system, the lock picking procedure is a lot more complicated. We are well versed and we own a huge number of lock picking tools that enable us to complete any lock picking job hassle-free.

Key Cutting Around Me For Simple Locks

An ideal scenario is to come across a lock that relies on a metal clip that expands to the edge of the door. These are locks that we can easily pick and remove with the help of the right tools. Next, we can determine the key code key by looking straight through the door drainage hole.

Even simpler, the key code could be found by taking the lock on the glove compartment apart and making the needed cuts with tryout keys, decoders or various impression methods. Another alternative is the use of wafers readers.

When Tryout Keys Are Needed

Lots of key replacement jobs end up with the locksmith making use of tryout keys, provided they cannot get access to the VIN. The process incurs some additional tasks, but it is also one of the safest procedures for the locks, as it involves almost 0% damage.

Since for about 30% of all cars the necessary data to make a new ignition key is located inside the locks, our technicians will use a series of the tryout keys to handle the rest of the locks. Keep in mind it is imperative that only authorized locksmiths with rich experience in the field should be using tryout keys, given the sensitive and accurate process they are required to perform. More often than not, we will manage to effectively cut new replacement keys for you without having to worry about lock disassembly.

The Use of Kobra Readers And Other Wafer-Tumbler Reading Tools

One of the main advantages of using specialize wafer-tumbler reading tools like the Kobra Reader or the EEZ comes from their versatility. These devices can be used on several popular lock systems for dozens of car brands, which means we are able to use them on a large number of vehicles with zero compatibility issues.

One of the man things that sets the Kobra reader apart from its competitors is the powerful LED illuminator it comes with, along with the high-contrast that turn nighttime decoding jobs into a breeze. With bigger spacing lines and a well-anchored precision slide in the right slot, with no interference and no extra movements, the depth of the tumbler can be measured a lot more accurately.

Affordable Car Key Replacement Around Me

Our locksmiths know all the ins and outs of using any of these tools, and they charge some of the most affordable prices in the industry, nationwide. Give us a call, get a free estimate by phone or online and let us assist you with your emergency car key cutting near me 24/7, all year long.

Call now and we can reach you in less than 30 minutes and give you your new laser cut key in no time!

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