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The FindLocksmith team specializes in the entire array of expert commercial security solutions that can keep any business protected against potential threats. Find us 24 hours a day, all year round. We design and implement custom security services to match small shops, midsize businesses and corporate needs. Give us a call today and get your free quote.   Schedule an appointment with us or let us immediately send over the nearest office emergency locksmith in case of a lockout!

We specialize in implementing the most efficient office security services and products nationwide. We work fast, accurately and charge the most competitive prices in the industry.

Here are some of the most popular commercial locksmith services we offer:

  • commercial lock re-keying and repairs

  • new lock installation

  • access key cards

  • parking lot security

  • panic doors and push bars

  • office lockouts

  • safe and file cabinet locks

  • master lock and key systems

  • monitoring solutions

  • window locks

Office Door Lock Installation

We provide the most popular brands of commercial-grade locks for office establishments and other commercial buildings in the industry. We can provide you with advanced commercial locks:

  • mortise and single- or double-cylinder deadbolt locks

  • card and key card access locks

  • push-pull latch sets that can provide you with extra versatility and sturdiness for all types of commercial settings

  • lever locks that feature robust Grade 1 or Grade 2 locksets with FreeWheeling levers for enhanced resistance against abuse, along with specialty screw locksets that enable fast installation; excellent for lockset replacement or upgrading for commercial users.

  • knob locks that are latch bolts manipulated with the help of the knob on both sides of the door; they come with simple designs and feature excellent functions that turn them into the perfect alternative if you do not need to use a heavy-duty grade lock

  • storefront bolt and latch sets with powerful tamper-free features and 360-degree key turn options that offer bottom rail lock solutions in extremely narrow slits. They can also be used on tempered glass doors and they come with sturdy faceplates that can keep the door protected with a minimum opening of the threshold strike.

  • magnetic locks with mounting brackets that can be adjusted and time-delay lock and re-lock that can be triggered in less than two minutes and controlled with standard devices.

  • exit delay devices that are excellent for fail-safe commercial establishments with different security needs throughout the day. We can install an exit delay device that is fully compatible with any type of entry control. These solutions are ideal for hospitals, clinics, and other public buildings that are part of the healthcare industry as they are excellent for assisting patients and the medical personnel to immediately exit the building in case of emergency. They are also suitable for stores and shops in retail environments as they have efficient anti-theft properties.

The commercial lock installation service you are going to choose will largely depend on your exact security needs and budget size. If you are not sure what you need, we can assess your needs and issue you the best recommendations for both new office buildings that require new locks or lock replacement for old, worn-out or poor-quality locks in existing buildings.

Intercom System Installation

Whether you need enhanced security solutions for a small or large commercial office building, a door entry intercom system is a good solution. Such a system offers a two-way communications option and it can also be used to dial a number for access inside the building, instead of using a standard lock, latch and key system. Intercom systems also feature access control cards.  If you need help with selecting, installing or fixing an intercom main door system, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Commercial Key Card Systems

An office key card system can be fitted on almost any type of main office door. These key cards only enable access to the building or a certain important room to people who have received their authorization to enter the premises. For best results, it is advisable for the keycards to also include upgraded pictures of your employees, along with their full names. We specialize in the entire array of key cards entry systems and we can fit the corresponding locks to match your exact needs at a fraction of the prices charged by our competitors.

Electrified Panic Bars And Push Bar For Emergency Exits

Panic bars are top security infrastructure devices that can be easily fitted on doors and they serve the purpose of assisting employees and clients to exit the building in case of emergency. We can install a push bar on an emergency exit door that is meant to be used as an exclusive exit point, as well as a different door that can be used for entering the premises. We can help you select a compatible panic bar that is fully compatible with the lock on your door. We will consider the exact door latch requirements and make sure to avoid fitting fail-secure locks that will automatically open the panic door in case of a power outage. Fail-safe locks are the best solutions as they can also be used together with deadbolt or mortise locks. Give our commercial locksmiths a call and let us schedule an appointment for you today.

Office Safe Installation Services

The FindLocksmith team offers cheap locksmith services for commercial safe installation and lock picking services. We work with the most popular brands of office safes and we also provide upkeep, repair and lockout services on the spot. We can also remove old safes, perform on-site surveys and prepare the site for safe installation. Our licensed locksmith technicians can also provide you with contracted custom service solutions that can match your bespoke needs.

File Cabinet Lock Installation And Repairs

We specialize in installing specialty commercial locks on all types of file cabinets, as well as glass door locks. Whether you need a new push-to-lock vertical file cabinet lock with metal fasteners and compression springs or a replacement lock with plastic sleeves, we are here to assist you. We can also pick any file cabinet lock for you and provide key replacements in case of missing keys and broken locks and restore access to your confidential contents.

Security Camera Services From Top Commercial Locksmiths

We specialize in installing and maintaining video security surveillance as well as other advanced video surveillance solutions for hotels, shopping malls, office complexes, and apartment buildings.

Our systems are not only discreet and highly intuitive, but they can also successfully blend in with all types of infrastructure and they enable monitoring in real-time, including remote access solutions for multiple locations. Looking for solutions for bad lighting conditions or High-Definition solutions? Give us a call at (877) 738-8308 and let us assist you with your unique surveillance system needs for your commercial establishment. We can even assist you with advanced facial recognition solutions and dynamic access management control.  Our locksmiths are also better equipped to respond to security system emergencies in real-time.

Get in touch with our expert office locksmith team and let us assist you with any parking lot security needs with the help of advanced monitoring cameras that will allow you to keep a close eye on your surroundings.

Window Lock Installation And Repairs

We can provide you with installation services for tamper-resistant window locks that are sturdy and fitted with springs with 90-degree rotating keys that can manipulate the sash. The housing slot needs a small key so that the lock can be manipulated. One of the ends of this key can be removed in the locked and unlocked positions, with the opposite end working as a handle when the vent is used. The sturdiest window lock models can withstand a force of 300 lbs on each of the locking points.

Fast And Affordable Commercial Locksmith Prices

Only make the most informed purchase decisions when it comes to the security of your commercial space by hiring the most reliable business locksmith services for the job. We are fully committed to our job and we are available for lockout emergencies nonstop. We can reach any address within 20 to 30 minutes from the time placing a call to our dispatch number and we charge some of the cheapest office locksmith prices nationwide. We cover all US states and areas and we always just one phone call away.

Call now and let us assist you with all your commercial locksmith problems at affordable locksmith prices and with guaranteed fast service!

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