Ford Key Replacement and Lockout Services

Do you need fast and reliable car key replacement services for a classic or new Ford model? Are you searching for an emergency Ford lockout service as you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, away from home? We are here to assist you no matter your location or the complexity of the issue with any urgent car lock, key or ignition problem. We can reach you in less than 30 minutes from calling our customer representatives and send over the nearest mobile locksmith to your exact GPS location. Call (877) 738-8308 now for quality service at affordable rates!

Popular Ford Car Locksmith Services

We offer the entire range of car lockout services for all Ford models, as well as complete and fully functional car key duplicates, transponder key programming, broken ignition cylinder repairs and replacement, fresh lock installation, car security assessments and more.

Ford Mustang services by Find LocksmithThe most common Ford locksmith services we are hired to perform:

  • lock repair and rekeying services

  • new lock installation

  • ignition cylinder repairs and replacement

  • trunk and car lockouts

  • transponder, push-to-start, fob, and remote key programming

  • key extraction

  • car key and fob replacement services

Call (877) 738-8308 for further information, ask any questions you might have, get a free quote and schedule a repair or car key or fob replacement job with us on the spot. We are up-to-date with the latest laser key cutting machinery and transponder and fob programming software, top-tier key extractors and lock picking tools on the market. Find us at all hours of the day and night, ready to assist you with any Ford locksmith problem you may be dealing with. Keep in mind not all locksmiths are authorized or have the necessary level of skill and knowledge to program an advanced transponder key on a modern Ford model.

Ford Key Fob And Remote Programming Services

Our team of licensed, insured and/or bonded car locksmiths specialize in the entire range of transponder key and keyless entry remote programming services for all Ford models. Our technicians can easily replace a broken, stolen or missing key by cutting and programming keyless entry remotes, blank keys, fobs and chip keys for Ford Edge, Ford Focus, Ford Taurus, Ford Fusion or Ford Explorer, to name just a few of the most common models we work with. We do not only work with high-precision tools and top software, but we also offer the most reliable and affordable solutions as compared to regular car dealerships.

Car locksmiths that are experienced and skilled have richer know-how as compared to car dealership mechanics which focus more on the mechanics of the vehicles they service and fix. If you need someone to disassemble your original key fob, change a faulty circuit, a broken contact or a battery, or you need immediate key cutting and replacement keys for uncut key Escape, Focus or Transit OUCD6000022 164-R8046 models, give us a call. We also handle H84, H85 or H92 bit transponder ignition keys and, for this, we will usually require two distinct original keys so that our technicians can program the blanks the right way, or we can cut and program a set of car key and fob replacements for you.

Broken Ignition Cylinder Services

If you are looking for a Ford locksmith that can provide you with a transparent price estimate for ignition cylinder replacements services, get in touch with us. We will offer a zero-obligation quote by phone and have the process quickly explained to you, so you can know exactly what to expect beforehand. We will begin the cylinder replacement by first disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery so there is zero risks of electrical shocks and circuit damage. This will also prevent the engine from starting by accident, while the key is inside the ignition slot. Next, we will remove the plastic parts covering the steering column using original tools and predefined movements that should never be completed by a person with no experience in the field.

Once we will finish removing all the screws, latches (the most difficult part) and bolts with the help of expert tools that can take off the tamperproof bit or the head of the fastener, we will proceed to pull out the handles and any other parts that will require removal. This should be done in a specific order that cannot be changed and we highly advise you to only hire a licensed and experienced car locksmith for the job.

At times, additional bolts may need to be carefully removed once the ignition cylinder will become visible. Our technicians will make sure to assess the exact model of ignition they are dealing with and take all the right steps toward an efficient disassembling and replacement. We will also remove the pushpins placed in various areas, different from one model to another. Again, this is another potentially dangerous task that should always be completed by the hands of a professional. The risk involves one side of the pushpin engage itself while you are still trying to depress the pushpin on the other side. Our technicians will next switch the key to ON. This may not always be possible at first, provided the key will fail to run the right way or the lock is too jammed and the key will not work normally in it. These are all ad-hoc problems that our locksmiths are well trained for and ready to handle on the spot.

Once the cylinder has been successfully removed, we will decode the lock in order for the fresh ignition cylinder to perfectly match the old keys, which will automatically mean that you will not have to carry around two sets of keys on you, just your new set of keys. The fitting of the new cylinder will require the locksmith to depress a spring-loaded trigger, followed by the steering column being put back into place along with the battery reconnected. Finally, we will assemble the plastic panels and you should have no problem using your car one again.

Ford Mustang services by Find LocksmithFord models we provide services for:

  • Mustang

  • Cobra

  • Escort

  • Falcon

  • Ranger

  • Aspire

  • Crown Victoria

  • Windstar

24-Hour Emergency Ford Locksmith Services

We have well-trained, fully-equipped mobile teams of emergency Ford locksmiths that can reach any location, nationwide, in less than half an hour and handle any accidental Ford lockout, missing key, broken lock and jammed ignition emergency on the spot. We offer 24-hour services in all areas and states and we specialize in all Ford-branded vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks.

Affordable Ford Locksmith Prices

Besides our unparalleled customer support service, we also offer free price quotes by phone that will incur no extra fees, along with decent price rates and service fees you are going to find a lot more convenient compared to our competitors or car dealerships.

Get in touch with us today by calling (877) 738-8308 and allow us to send over the closest mobile emergency locksmith for any lockout or faulty lock emergency. We can reach you in 30 minutes!

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