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Residential security cameras can significantly increase the protection of your home and bring you more peace of mind. Our team of authorized locksmiths is constantly up-to-date with the latest releases in the home security industry. We continuously test the freshest products on the market for you and we can assist you with relevant advice, recommendations, and practical services. We install home security cameras at the most affordable rates nationwide and we are available 24-hour for mobile emergencies.

How To Sort Out The Many Security Camera Options On The Market

Arlo Pro3 Security Camera by Find LocksmithThe money you are willing to spend on buying and installing a home security camera is, to most people, the number one trigger that will determine the model they should direct their attention to. Some cameras come with more advanced smart features and they are more expensive compared to simpler alternatives that can still offer a decent amount of protection. In our experience, pricier security cameras are not always the ideal solution for all clients, especially if their security needs are not as complex. A basic system coupled with sturdy deadbolt locks should usually get the job done in most cases. However, a truly complex system means enjoying long-term benefits that will prove that the investment was well worth it.

Motion Sensors

No matter how big or small your budget, motion sensors are mandatory. They allow you to receive real-time alerts whenever the system detects a form of activity on the property. A camera that allows you to use the customized detection mode and select the area and level of sensibility will help you steer clear from false alarms. With the help of push-notifications, you will be alerted whenever the system detects any movements. Usually, a good build-in microphone should be able to record sound within a 15 feet area, which means you will also get to understand what is going on in the video.

Field of View

This will determine the area of the house that you will be able to keep a close eye on with the help of just one monitoring camera. A security camera with a 95 ° wide-angle that causes zero distortions will help you enjoy the clearest, most vivid images. However, focus on striking the perfect balance between sufficient coverage and detail with the ideal number of cameras.

Camera Resolution

Ideally, investing in a high-resolution security camera should be your first priority. Again, it has everything to do with the clarity of details you will be able to see on the cameras and the live images they will broadcast on your smartphone or computer. It is essential to be able to make a difference between your teenage son sneaking into the house in the middle of the night with no keys and a potential burglar. A 5MP HD camera with 2592X1944P resolution and 3.6mm top quality lenses is a good option.

Night Vision

While statistics say a home is more vulnerable in the hands of a potential burglary during the day, when everyone is at work or school, there are plenty of break-ins that occur in the middle of the night. A 100ft night vision camera that comes with smart IR-CUT and 3D technologies for enhanced noise reduction along with infrared LEDs should get the job done at night.

Sound Options

Wyze Cam Pan Security Cameras by Find LocksmithA surveillance camera that does not cost a lot of money does not usually have a microphone installed. However, if you are particularly interested in buying one for keeping track of your kids or pets, you should look for a model that has a microphone. You will not only be able to use it as an intercom system and talk to your children or the elderly inside the house but also as a means of knowing something is not right inside the house, once you hear the sound.

Wireless Features

A security camera that can rely on the Wi-Fi inside the house will not only prevent potential intruders from disrupting the activity of the cameras by cutting some electrical wires, but it will also allow you to connect other smart home systems to it. When you need to install security cameras for your home, opting for a fully rechargeable model that uses a built-in rechargeable battery will make a big difference in terms of convenience. See that wireless camera is fully compatible with your exact type of router.

Residential Security Cameras We Work With

Arlo Pro 3

While more expensive, this is an excellent wireless security camera that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The camera offers top 2K video images, smart motion sensors, an ultra-view field of view, spotlights and a siren even color night vision.

Belkin Netcam

This is a more affordable option that synchronizes well with a number of home devices while offering High Definition images and decent night vision.

Wyze Cam Pan

Another affordable solution that comes with the pan and tilt feature, along with free cloud storage, as well as motion tracking and good support for IFTTT or Alexa.

Samsung Smartcam Pan and Tilt

Setup and installation are easy and the camera comes with a memory that is easy to expand. It can be used as an efficient motion detection system that can track all movements.

SimCam 1S

This model has face recognition and can send a smart alert small to your phone, as well as generous local storage and mechanical panning. It can be easily connected to other smart home devices.

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