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Popular patio door locksmith services we currently offer:

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  • assistance with selecting superior sliding glass door locks

  • new patio door lock installation for all models of locks

  • periodical maintenance and upkeep jobs

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New Sliding Patio Glass Door Lock Installation Services

We specialize in installing all known brands and types of patio door locks that come with a rich array of features, such as the ones described below.

Indoor Sliding Door Locks

Patio glass door locks by Find LocksmithA sturdy sliding door lock made of aluminum that can be used on a patio door opening with a width between 28 to 48 inches is a good residential and commercial solution. The same lock can be used on windows and opting for a fully expandable model means there is no need to waste any time on cutting the bar in accordance with the door opening's measurements. The same model can be fitted on both the exterior and the interior of a sliding door and it is usually sold with all the necessary fasteners for fast installation.
A reliable lock security bar used indoors should have a minimum of twenty gauge construction to make sure it can effectively withstand a force of at least 350 lbs. In case of any forced entry attempts. For added convenience, the security bar can expand from 27 inches to 42 inches so it can be used on slidings doors as well as hinged doors. We can provide you with a lock model that features padded foot for a scratch-free grip, as well as a rotating ball joint that allows the lock to fully reach the floor. 

The Foot Patio Door Latch Alternative

For those of you who are looking for a highly convenient lock for your patio door, a foot lock could represent the perfect solution. This is thanks to the simplicity of the locking and unlocking mechanism that is easy to guess according to its name. The lock can be easily mounted to the base of the door panel and enable partial ventilation whenever the door is open. 

Installation can be completed using the screw-in method; however, for best results, make sure that you let our expert locksmiths assist you with all the steps of the process. Contrary to what you might believe, the simplicity of using such a lock does not also mean that the lock is easy to break. On the contrary, a foot lock is difficult to tamper with, so it's an alternative worth considering.

Toddler-Proof Sliding Glass Door Lock Installation

Make sure you choose a model that is compatible with glass that is up to 0.47 inches thick. When in doubt, let our pros handle things for you. These locks usually come with anti-sliding rubber that is suitable for each individual lock. At times, it might be necessary for our locksmiths to get rid of some of the rubber in order for the lock to perfectly match the rails or space where it needs to be installed. This particular lock model is also suitable for commercial sliding doors for product display cases.

While most of these locks require relatively simple installation skills, it is best to have an authorized locksmith have them fitted for you for ideal results and maximum efficiency. A lock on a sliding glass door also usually comes with a number of screws that need to be put in place, as well as extra cushioning that should be handled by one of our expert technicians. Improper installation could potentially damage the glass door or render the lock useless, so it is important to only use a professional locksmith for installation.

You could also choose a toddler-proof sliding glass door lock that features a sturdy metal finish for more peace of mind. Opt for a lock that does not rust and uses top-tier antirust screws for increased security solutions. A keyless child safety lock for a patio door that can also be fitted on gliding doors on showers or cabinet should be made of top-tier TPE and ABS materials. See that you opt for a lock that can be adjusted to the exact patio door length and make sure the lock is fully compatible with all types of annular or round handles and doorknobs. One of the greatest advantages of this model is the fact that installation requires no drills, adhesive or special tools. The lock can be reused in a different location at any time. There will be no scratches left behind on the patio, cabinet, refrigerator or shower doors once you will want to remove the lock. 

Clamp Lock Installation For Sliding Glass Doors

Clamp locks are some of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial needs due to the high degree of security they can ensure. A sliding door clamp that features a 4-15/16 inch hole enables simple mounting on rails that are no thicker than 1'. This model is excellent for a door that uses high hooks. With a latch mechanism that can be reversed so the latch can be manipulated with both the right and the left hand. 

Keep in mind these locks must be installed by an expert locksmith with experience in the field. We strongly suggest you avoid any DIY to avoid any accidents or poor quality work that will render the lock useless.

Twisting Door Lock Installation

These locks rely on a twisting mechanism that uses a screwing bolt that should be accurately secured in the frame of the door when the door is closed and secured. This way, the lock will not be lifted off the floor and it will also not slide. A sturdy twist-in lock for your sliding door should be made of diecast metal and feature a metal finish for enhanced protection. Installation requires a drill, a Philips head screwdriver and a quarter of an inch drill bit. While installation is not difficult, you should always rely on the experience of an authorized locksmith to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Keyed Patio Door Lock Solutions

For a high level of protection, opt for a keyed patio door lock that comes with a 2" deadbolt. These models can be used on interior and exterior patio doors with hinges, as well as normal hinged doors made of metal or wood. Once the lock is enabled, all of its mounting screws will become inconspicuous. 

Affordable Patio Door Locksmith Prices

We do not only offer free price estimates for all of our patio door and sliding glass door lock solutions, but we also charge affordable service. No matter which US state, big city, small town or remote neighborhood you might live in, we can reach you in less than half an hour for any type of emergency. We only work with fully licensed and insured locksmiths that will guarantee your satisfaction. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no exception.

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