Window Locks Installation Services

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Are you dealing with broken or stuck window locks? Planning on beefing up security on your home or business by having some locks installed on the ground-floor windows? The Find Locksmith team specializes in the entire array of window lock installation and window lock repair services at good prices and fast speeds. We are available for 24/7 lockout emergencies in all US states and we only work with licensed and insured locksmiths. Call now and schedule an appointment or let us immediately send over the nearest mobile locksmith in case of an emergency. We can reach you in less than 30 minutes!

The majority of burglars prefer to make their forced entry into a home that they plan on burglarizing through a door or window. Lots of people choose to intentionally leave their windows or front doors unlocked, making the thieves' job even easier. However, an improperly secured window could also pave the way for an opportunist neighborhood crook to get straight into your home or business. This is why we recommend that you take advantage of the modern-day window security options currently available on the market.

Some of the most popular window lock services we provide to people all over the United States:

  • fresh window lock installation services for residential customers

  • commercial establishment window lock installation

  • broken or worn-out lock replacement

  • window lock repairs

  • jammed window lock repairs

  • broken door or window latch replacement

We can assist you with any other type of service you might need help with, including rekeying, duplicate key making, window alarms, security bars and more. Call our friendly and responsive customer support team and we will be more than happy to assist you with any question and concern on the spot. We also prepare and provide free price quotes by phone and we can immediately dispatch the nearest technician in your area to your address in case of an emergency.

Window Lock Replacement Services For Residential Properties

Window latch installed by Find LocksmithWe offer expert window lock replacement services for all known types of locks, whether you need help with installing a brand new set of locks on a new window or you need to replace old and worn-out locks in an older home. Just like we advise you to replace the locks on a new property you are about to move into, we also recommend at the same time replacing the locks on the windows, if any. Never take an unnecessary risk when it comes to your safety and the well-being of your family. We provide quality window lock replacement services that are affordable and we can significantly upgrade the security on your home in just a few minutes.

You can choose from a wide range of window locks, with different security grades that comply with the American National Standard Institute. For example, Grade 1 locks are extremely hard to pick, kick open or break using other methods burglars usually rely on. They are also the most expensive types of window locks you could opt for, but the investment is well worth it. Grade 2 locks are still a good option, even though they are slightly less secure compared to the previous model. There are also Grade 3 locks for windows, considered the least safe, but still a good solution for windows that do not have any locks or security bars on them.

When deciding upon the best locks to fit on your windows, our expert technicians will assess a number of other factors, including the location of your home, the existence of any other security solutions in place, your budget size, design and aesthetics matters and more.

Commercial Window Lock Services

We can assist you with window latch installation services in case you are looking for solutions for your primary ground-floor windows. Keep in mind you can also add extra locks to the windows and use them in parallel. The latches will be installed on sashes, which means they will secure the window when it is closed from the interior.

We can also install folding latches, which need to be folded down when closing the window. They are an extra layer of protection that we recommend you to take into consideration.

We also handle keyed locks and swivel-based locks. So, if you need help installing a window lock that needs a key on the inside or a self-locking window lock that requires you to simply close and open the windows to trigger the security mechanism, we are here for you.

Window Lock Repair Services

Our licensed and insured and/or bonded locksmiths can tackle any repair jobs you may call us to do. We know that a broken or stuck window lock can be just as frustrating to handle as a regular broken or stuck door lock. No matter if you have lost the key of a window key lock or you need a latch fixed, give us a call and we will make sure to provide you with the highest quality, fastest and most affordable services possible.

Fast And Affordable Window Lock Service

Call now for any window lock installation or window lock repair service and let us provide you with free, no-obligation estimates, affordable prices and service fees and 30-minute response time. We can reach any address across the United States and handle any installation, repair or maintenance job on the spot, with advanced tools and the best know-how in the industry.  

Give us a call today and book an appointment or let us send over the nearest mobile locksmith for home or business and we will restore the security on your windows!

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